This is a picture of me jumping in the air. You can't see my arms, but I promise, they were there at the time.

My name is Patrick Hennessey. I'm a freelance graphic designer, music producer, idea generator, appliance fixer, and silly dancer. I'm also a writer and can churn out solid copy for any communication project. I'm hyper-focused, yet I can switch gears on a dime. I listen intently, speak with conviction, and never take anything too seriously. I'm a bridge-builder and communicator. I'm calm under pressure, and I know when to laugh.

I started my career in graphic design during a two-year program at Lane Community College, graduating in 2004. Shortly thereafter, I went back to school and graduated from Oregon State University with a BFA in 2009. I've mainly done freelance and recently held a year-long contract position at an agency in Vancouver, Washington.

I was born in 1984, raised in Eugene, OR and I'm currently stationed in Portland, OR.

I am currently looking for full-time employment at a creative agency. Interested? Contact me using the links on the left.